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Fri, Apr 28, 2006

Lucky Plant in Bloom

When I got my "Lucky Plant" - a dry trunk - some years ago, I was told that this was some kind of Yucca shrub. I gave it some water (well, actually, lots of water), put it in one of my east windows and after some weeks the first leaves appeared.

I nearly forgot about this strange little plant, until I gave it some fertilizer a few weeks ago... All of a sudden there were flower buds! Now it's in full bloom (every evening some of the little white flowers open and are wilted by next morning already). And what a sweet, pleasant scent all over the room!

The fragrance finally led me to its true name (the vendor got the class and order right, but the genus wrong). It's a Dracaena shrub - "dracaena fragrans" to be exact.

Posted by Thomas Much at 24:22
Categories: Flowers & Plants

Thu, Mar 30, 2006

Oleander Preparing for Spring

My Oleander, which grew from a few centimeters to over two meters despite being placed in a now too small container, is preparing for springtime. Not only does it bud (it does so every year if I fertilize it). But this time it bears fruit - two capsules, to be exact - and they split open a few days ago. Here's the unusual picture of new buds next to old seeds:

Posted by Thomas Much at 23:56
Categories: Flowers & Plants