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Tue, Mar 06, 2007

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 444

Last Thursday another iCab beta version was released. It contains mostly bug fixes, according to Alexander's release history:

  • Ebay seems to introduce a new form for selling items (at least in ebay Germany you can now choose between the new form and the old one). This new form is not very well done and many parts don't work in Safari, Firefox and Opera on the Mac (I can only guess that at the moment only IE on Windows will work with the new form). I've added some new workarounds and modifications in iCab, so iCab can now use the new form without any serious issues. For example Uploading images will now work with the new ebay form because iCab now follows Safari/Firefox instead of Opera in accessing the JavaScript property "opener" from within IFRAMEs.
  • Bugfix. the onclick event is now delivered after the onmouseup event.
  • Bugfix for FTP server which use the DOS format for directory listings.
  • Bugfix for Plugins in the "Classic" version of iCab. Plugins did not always get the time to update their area in the browser area.
  • iCab now also supports the IE event handler onBeforeLoad
  • Under MacOSX the unused "Help" menu in the contextual menu is now removed. This is not possible under Classic because the help menu is handled by the MacOS in contextual menus.
  • Bugfix for relativ positioned elements in table cells.
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