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Sun, Nov 27, 2005

iCab 3.0 Beta 371

iCab 3.0 Beta 371 was released to registered users on Wednesday. It contains a comfortable new cache browser in the Tools menu.

Here's Alexander's list of changes since beta 368:

  • Small correction for images with 16Bit per Pixel and a color table with 65536 entries.
  • Workaround for a problem where ATSUI displays text in a strange way when the text contains "FormFeed" characters (ASCII 12).
  • Solves a problem with missing "</A>" end tags in HTML code.
  • There's a new menu item in the Tools menu: "Cache Browser". The Cache Browser allows to inspect the current content of the Web Cache (this was also possible in older versions of iCab, but less comfortable). There're several ways to display the cache content:
    • List View
      The content is listed with information about URL, file type, dates, file length. Some checkboxes allow to exclude or include certain file types in the list, so the list will include only the data you're looking for. A special "download" link allows to easily "download" (save) a file from the cache into the download folder.
    • Image View:
      All the images that are in the web cache are displayed as thumbnails. From here it is easy to save the images to disk via Drag&Drop or the contextual menu.
    • Audio, Video, Flash View:
      All the Audio, Video or Flash files in the cache are listed. A "download" link allows to easily download (save) the file. A "preview" link allows to preview the file (if possible without the HTML code where the file was embedded originally).
  • The Default StyleSheet for the <HR> element is modified to improve compatibility with other browsers.
  • When embedding HTML documents in web pages using OBJECT instead of IFRAME elements, it could happen that the embedded documents was invisible if the size of the OBJECT element was defined in a very special way.
  • Changed the behaviour of iCab when it encounters HTML elements which where found in HTML tables at a location where they are absolutely forbidden.
  • Workaround for misplaced HTML elements in OPTION elements where they are not allowed.
  • iCab could freeze if JavaScript code tries to move a HTML element in front of itself with the "DOMCoreNodeInsertBefore" method.
  • Alternate StyleSheets which are not meant for the screen where nevertheless listed in the StyleSheet menu.
  • Opening web pages from within the Hotlist was internally treated like opening from the History. Therefore loading the page from the cache was preferred.
  • Now iCab supports the "Internet Shortcut" files of the Internet Explorer for Windows as well.
  • Attributes which were definied multiple times in XHTML documents are now reported as error.
  • Workaround for block element which are nested in an inavlid manner and which are redefined as "table-cell" via CSS. Because of the wrong nesting it could happen that the resulting layout was a mess in this case.
  • Web Archives in which frame pages are saved were not displayed correctly in certain circumstances.
  • Workaround for a certain issue with Java under MacOSX: When iCab processes certain events while the Java engine is started, the Java engine is never giving up the processor and so iCab is never able to do anything again.
  • On some "dotmac" login pages the login/logout button was not visible.
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