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Mon, Nov 20, 2006

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 431

While I was away teaching people some Java, Alexander released iCab Beta 341 (registered users only) eight days ago. The Mac OS X version now uses new document icons for HTML files, web archives, session files etc. And as usual, there are lots of bug fixes, according to the readme file:

  • If the "readonly" flag was modified in an INPUT field which had the keyboards focus, the focus got lost.
  • When loading local files from the harddisk, iCab will now also evaluate special extensions which are often used by web servers to determine the charset information. So when loading a file named "file.html.utf8" or "file.utf8.html" iCab assues that it uses the UTF-8 encoding. This makes it easier to test web sites locally without a web server
  • If a plugin was addressed from within an OBJECT tag using the proprietary Microsoft Windows technology "Active-X" and the page uses the BASE tag to change the base URL of the document, iCab could have failed to load the plugin data.
  • Now, Javascript Timer events will be fired only after the onload event.
  • Smaller optimizations for going through the whole HTML tree via JavaScript.
  • Workaround implemented for web pages which are encoded in ASCII but where the web server or the web page states that the page is encoded as UTF-16.
  • Certain invalid and broken GIF animations could cause crashes on PPC Macs.
  • Boxes in web pages with a height of more than 64K pixels and a background image which is placed at the bottom side of this box only could show the background image in the middle area mutliple times too. This is fixed now. Something went wrong when translating the 32 bit coordinates from iCab into the 16 bit coordinates of Quickdraw.
  • Workaround added for the invalid and broken HTML code of "google image". Now this page will work with all identity settings of iCab instead of only with a few special settings.
  • When JavaScript loaded images in HTML nodes which are not included in the HTML tree of the document and these nodes where inserted in the tree later, iCab did never stop its "busy" indicator. So it looked like iCab was loading data all the time, even when iCab was already finished.
Posted by Thomas Much at 19:45
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