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Tue, Jul 24, 2007

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 457

Yesterday Alexander released yet another iCab beta version:

  • In HTML Image maps the attribute shape="default" was not processed correctly. Only if the "COORDS" attribut was present this was handled correctly, though the "COORDS" attibute is not used in this case.
  • Under MacOS 8/9 (native, not in the "classic" environent of MacOSX) oversized popup menus in web pages with many thousands of menu items could crash iCab because of an internal size limit of 32K for menu structures in the MacOS. That means native MacOS 8/9 can not handle menus which needs more than 32 KB of memory internally. iCab did try to clalculate the approx. memory usage of a menu, but this didn't always work, probably because of the usage of Unicode which may require twice as much memory for the menus as well. iCab will therefore will limit the number menu items under MacOS 8/9 even more so such large menus won't crash anymore.
  • Under MacOSX the OpenTransport call OTIdle() won't be used anymore because this call is probably responsible for some of the crashes.
Posted by Thomas Much at 14:25
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