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Mon, Jun 18, 2007

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 452

Yesterday, on June 17, a new iCab beta was released to registered users. There are some fixes and improvements, among them my long-standing wish for the option to not automatically select the first suggestion in the URL autocompletion popup:

  • When loading plugin data by simulating the Windows Active-X API on web sites which do use the proprietary windows technology, iCab will now initiatesome additional checks to make sure that a wrong base URL setting could lead to the wrong URL for the pugin data.
  • In the Classic version of iCab the build-in RSS-Reader could not be replaced by an external one by placing the external one (RSSReader.html) into the folder /System/Application Support/iCab/ when running natively in MacOS 8.x or 9.x. Running in the "Classic" environment of MacOSX everything worked fine.
  • Added a new option in the "URL autocomplete" settings of the preferences dialog. It is now possible to configure iCab to either automatically select the first suggestion of the autocomplete list which opens just below the location field (which also was the standard behaviour before) or to select nothing automatically, so the user has to explicitly use the arrow-up/down keys to select one of the autocomplete suggestions (the latter is the standard behaviour of Firefox).
  • Fixed an error when checking certificates. iCab could display a message about an invalid certificate even if the certificate was valid.
  • Saving and fillong out forms automatically (using the menu items in the "View" menu) now uses slightly relaxed rules. Before a "session ID" in the URL for the form submission could be the reason that iCab won't be able to fill out the form with saved form data, because the different URL tiggered the "security" handler which then refuses to fill out form data in "foreign" forms. Now iCab tries to find out if a different URL is different only because of a session ID and so allows to fill out the form data when it failed before.
Posted by Thomas Much at 17:41
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