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Tue, May 29, 2007

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 450

On Wednesday of last week Alexander published a new iCab beta version. Again, there are lots of bug fixes:

  • In the error report the password could be displayed on web pages which require HTTP authentication. Now, iCab filters out all passords which are encoded in the URLs.
  • If form data was submitted via JavaScript and the form result should open in a new window, it could be nevertheless displayed in the same window.
  • Fixed a "Dead-Lock" which could occur in synchronous XMLHTTPRequest calls where the server sets a cookie.
  • Added a workaround for buggy routers or other devices which can be configured with a web interface. It seems that many of these devices are returning totally invald HTTP responses to the browser, lacking the required HTTP header. Now iCab should be able to deal with this.
  • The new build-in RSS-Reader (from Beta 447) does now also support video podcasts so that it is now possible to display the videos inline (if the required QT plugin is installed).
  • Apple's "URL-Access" will now no longer be supported. Until now this was supported only in the "classic" version of iCab as alternative to OpenSSL for secure and encrypted web pages. But because the "classic" MacOS wasn't updated for years most of the certificates required for secure web access are already expired. So supporting "URLAccess" doesn't make much sense anymore. In general this shouldn't change anything because "OpenSSL" already was the default setting for years in iCab.
  • Removing a seperation line from the browser toolbar could crash.
  • In "data:" URLs the "charset" parameter will be supported as well, if this makes sense for the data type that is empedded this way.
  • "document.styleSheets" isn't supported by InScript yet. But iCab simulates this now so JavaScript code using this property in a certain way will now work.
  • Small modification added to render the totally messy HTML code of excite.com.
  • If InScript called the garbage collector from within the onUnload handler, iCab could crash in certain circumstances.
Posted by Thomas Much at 17:29
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