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Tue, May 08, 2007

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 449

Yesterday was bugfixing time again. Here is Alexander's list of fixes in the latest iCab beta:

  • If web servers use a value of "text/plain" in the "Content-Type" header then iCab now uses much more detailed checks if the data is really in text format. Unfortunately many web servers are not configured correctly and use "text/plain" for a large number od non-text file formats. Previously iCab was able to recognize binary file formats even when declared as text files. Now iCab will also try to "recognize" HTML code when declared as text but when it should not be declared this way. This is not easy because HTML is also a text file.
  • Fixed a new bug which could cause a crash when text was formatted as "SmallCaps".
  • The color of the "ALT" text in images will be now correctly set according to the text color of the content of the image.
  • Bugfix for "first-line" (CSS) when the first line contains some images.
  • SVG images will be no longer recognized as XML files.
  • If in the JavaScript onSubmit handler opens a new page using "location.href" and(!) tells the browser to submit the FORM normally, then iCab did open the new page and then was unable to submit the FORM (because opening the page leaves the old page). But some web pages (like www.weather.com) are doing this stupid thing and assume that the Form submit "wins". Now iCab will cancel the opening of the page (via "location.href") if the form will be submitten normally.
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