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Tue, Mar 06, 2007

Web Monday; Ruby Tuesday?

Yesterday evening I attended my first (and Hamburg's fourth) Web Monday. There was a lot of talk about Web 2.0, agile software development, communities, mashups... You know all the buzzwords :-). Quite a lot of people with different backgrounds shared their experiences and ideas of how the future web should work. (But how come photos show me eating that often? ;-)

It was nice to see how the Web 2.0 hype has settled down and the technology is now being adopted for common use. Of course, one hot topic was Ruby on Rails, and Jan mentioned his upcoming book on web applications with Rails.

Stefan talked about web standards. And, believe it or not, iCab smiles on his site! He was also interested in a regular meeting to learn Ruby/Rails from and with each other somewhere in Hamburg, something like a Ruby Tuesday. Anyone?

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