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Mon, Jan 15, 2007

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 438 - Growl

Growl Today's iCab beta version 438 adds support for Growl to notify the user about finished downloads and some other events (note that this feature is supported by the Universal Binary version only). The other items mentioned in Alexander's release history concern better support for CSS3 and some bugfixes:

  • iCab supports the CSS 3 properties border-left-colors, border-right-colors, border-top-colors and border-bottom-colors. Using these properties a list of colors can be defined. The browser uses the first color for the outer pixelline of the border, the second color for the next pixel line of the border etc. iCab also supports the "Mozilla" prefix "-moz-" for these properties, so that iCab can display the colors correctly on web pages, which do only use the "-moz-" prefix assuming that currently only Mozilla compatible browsers do support these properties. Unlike Firefox iCab does also support the border-style propertie in combination with these colors. Firefox always assumes "border-style: solid" if multiple colors are defined for the border.
  • iCab supports the CSS 3 border styles "dot-dash" and "dot-dot-dash".
  • iCab now supports the CSS 3 color definition function hsl() which can be now also used as alternative to the function rgb():
    hsl(hue[number], saturation[%], lightness[%])
  • Fixed a crash when JavaScript events were delivered to HTML or BODY elements which were positioned absolutely.
  • Alt-Clicks on non-link areas were not reported as event to JavaScript code.
  • The GetHeader() method of XMLHTTPRequest objects didn't work.
  • Fixed another crash when iCab renders certain invalid HTML code.
  • Plugin data which was removed by JavaScript was still active.
  • The modified workaround for invalid tables from beta 434 is now modified again to fix a problem with some other faulty web pages.
  • Workaround implemented for web web pages where all end tags are missing.
  • The workaround for printing image with alpha channel in the UB version is now also implemented in the PowerPC version, because new MacOSX releases don't print these images anymore, otherwise.
  • If JavaScript code did pass HTML code instead of a tag name to the "CreateNode" method, iCab did accept this and created a single element with the HTML code as tag name. Now iCab rejects this and reports an error.
  • multiple values for the CSS Properties "border-*-width" were not reported as error.
  • If iCab was configured to ignore color definitions of web pages, iCab didn't ignore the color of the FONT tags for underlines when the page was rendered in "Quirks" mode.
  • When pasting text into the search or URL field special characters (like the German umlaut charcaters) got lost.
Posted by Thomas Much at 22:24
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