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Wed, Oct 25, 2006

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 430

A new iCab beta version is out since yesterday (again, for registered users only). It's a mere bugfix release, according to Alexander's notes:

  • In the "Enter Kiosk mode" dialog box there's no default button anymore. It should be now impossible to accidently activate the kiosk mode this way.
  • The new feature "Save Session in Web Archive" didn't always work reliable. If external files of the first web page which is saved in the archive were completely downloaded before the download of the main HTML file was finished, the external file was shown when the archive was opened. Now iCab won't create such "broken" archives anymore.
  • Texts which were pasted in the text field of the JavaScript Debugger window were not displayed immediately. They were only shown after another keypress.
  • Entering Cmd-Return and Cmd-Enter in form fields did crash iCab.
  • OnClick events were not always processed immediately if other JavaScript events are still pending.
  • The classic version of iCab all the releases in different languages did open the German "compatibility" web page from the Help menu instead of the English version (or the one of another language if available).
  • iCab could crash when deleting a CSS struct in certain circumstances.
Posted by Thomas Much at 16:00
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