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Tue, May 23, 2006

iCab 3.0.2 Beta 412 - Quirky?

The latest iCab beta version again offers lots of bug fixes and compatibility changes to match other browser's quirks - and it includes the new InScript version 189.

Here's Alexander's complete list of changes:

  • If the text next to a "float" starts with a forced linebreak and the first word is longer than the space that is left next to the "float", iCab increased the width of the whole box so that the word will now fit. Now the text will be correctly moved below the floating box.
  • In the URL comlpletion list the "file:" URLs will be now placed after the "http:" URLs.
  • When loading FavIcons in Windows icon format iCab prefers the 32Bit variant of the icon, if present. Until now iCab prefered the 8Bit variant.
  • Small modification of the Quirks mode to be more compatible to Firefox.
  • Another modification of the Quirks mode for table rendering.
  • Bugfix for relative positioned TR elements.
  • If JavaScript code creates an IFRAME element (createElement) and sets an ID for this element and includes it into the HTML tree, iCab could not find the new IFRAME element in the "frames" array of JavaScript.
  • Now iCab will automatically rerender the web page when a user defined style sheet is modified (if the menu "automatic update" is checked and the user defined stylesheet is activated).
  • Fixed a problem when copying or dragging selected text in web pages.
  • Bugfix for Plugins implemented, which try to modify the current page by opening some JavaScript URLs. In general opening new URLs will stop all downloads of the current document, but in this case this should not happen.
  • Under MacOSX it happened sometimes that the print dialog refuses to open itself. If this happens iCab will initialize the dialog again to workaround this problem.
  • Opening images directly in iCab will display these images now even when image display is switched off. This matches the behaviour of Firefox and is probably what the user would expect.
  • Removed an expired root certificate.
  • In the "classic" version of iCab the text input in the old non-Uniocde text input fields (if enabled in the preferences) was slightly modified because otherwise not all manipulations via JavaScript worked correctly.
  • When hiding lists the list bullets were not always hidden as well.
  • IFRAMEs with a width of 100% which were placed in a table cell with colspan > 1 but no width definition were calculated with a resulting width of 0.
  • The Popup blocker should now also work with popup windows which are opened from within Plugins (like Flash).
  • iCab didn't save the status BASIC/DIGEST of HTTP Authorisation in the keychain.
  • "Find again" (Cmd-G) didn't work when the initial "Find" (Cmd-F) was done in another window.
  • When normalising text via JavaScript the text was not correctly copied internally.
  • Empty META-Refresh definitions were treated as reload (correct according to the web standards, though not what is expected here), now these will be ignored.
  • "Shrink-To-Fit" blocks (like in absolute positioned elements wothout width definitions) which contains floating blocks could become smaller than expected.
  • Small modification in calculating the percentage heights in Quirks mode when the HTML element does not define any height so that it matches the behaviour of other browsers like Safari.
  • The "charset" attribute is now supported for the SCRIPT tag.
  • MAP elements which were defined were there are not allowed could crash iCab if also all head elements were missing in the HTML code (which is also not allwed).
  • If JavaScript code replaced whole sub trees in the HTML tree, iCab could crash if the replaced sub tree contained any floating elements.
  • If the web server doesn't allow caching for embeded images iCab did load these images from the cache nevertheless the next time the page was visited.
  • If a browser plugin initiates a POST request with some data that starts with multiple null bytes, iCab didn't send the data correctly.
Posted by Thomas Much at 18:07
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