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Sat, Apr 22, 2006

iCab 3.0.2 Beta 408 Drops a Shadow (or Two)

The Mac OS X version of iCab beta 408 supports the CSS property "text-shadow", making it the second browser after Safari with this feature, and probably the first browser to get it right completely:

Safari 2.0.3 does not support multiple shadows and misalignes the shadow by one pixel. You can check if and how your browser supports text shadows here.

"text-shadow" was defined in CSS2, has been removed in CSS 2.1, but might become part of CSS3 again.

And again, Alexander included lots of bug fixes in this new beta version:

  • In SELECT elements the onclick handler (JavaScript) will now be called after the mousedown handler instead of before the mousedown handler.
  • In ther "Classic" version of iCab the download of whole web sites onto an external disk didn't work. iCab saved the files in the iCab folder instead. This is fixed now.
  • When directly opening an image in the browser window iCab sometimes scaled down larger images to fit into the window even when iCab was configured not to do this.
  • In case a web site redefined the BODY tag as "inline-block" the scrollbars were not always shown when needed.
  • Changing the "z-Index" value via CSS while "hovering" over certain elements did not change the "stack context". Because of this elements which should be drawn on top of some other elements could be still covered by them.
  • iCab did ignore the "width" of the CSS property "outline" when defined for inline elements.
  • Fixed a small glitch for positioned elements where the "top" property is not defined (or "auto").
  • On elements that had been created by ":before" or ":after" (CSS), CSS rules might have been applied twice if these elements were affected by ":hover" effects.
  • Now, the internal RSS-Reader of iCab also supports ATOM feeds.
  • The backup file of the hotlist was also "updated" when the old hotlist file was missing or damaged, and so the backup was also empty (a "copy" of the missing hotlist file). This is now fixed.
  • The user defined Stylesheet could not be switched on/off when there was no open Browser window.
  • Fixed a small problem when parsing the HTML code that is created by JavaScript code via "document.write". Normally the code should be parsed immediately so that the JavaScript code is able to see the newly created code in the same script call. Because of a small bug, it could happen that the newly created code was parsed after the script call was finished.
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