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Wed, Apr 12, 2006

iCab 3.0.2 Beta 406

The second iCab beta version within two days fixes some bugs on Classic Mac OS and some others in general:

  • Under the "classic" MacOS iCab could freeze when loading RSS feeds
  • Under "classic" MacOS iCab could crash when the non-Unicode text edit fields were configured for HTML forms and when a web page inserts more than 32KB of text in these fields. The "classic" MacOS can not handle more than 32K of text, but will accept more and then crash. Now iCab will shorten the text to 32KB if needed.
  • Invalid usage of colspan="0" in tables could crash iCab.
  • Small bugfix for "first-letter" pseudo element.
  • When dragging text within a form field you can now hold down the option key to copy the text instead of moving it.
  • In the Cache browser a random character was appended to some of the URls in the list.
  • When loading FavIcons iCab will now ignore Authentification requestes.
Posted by Thomas Much at 19:00
Categories: iCab & InScript