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Mon, Apr 10, 2006

iCab 3.0.2 Beta 405

iCab beta 405 is mostly a bugfix release, so it looks like it's time for a new public preview soon :-). This version includes the new InScript release 188 which adds more JavaScript 1.6 compatibility. Here's the official release history:

  • Fixed a small bug with "floats" and negative margins.
  • A workaround implemented for web sites which use a buggy "server-push" implementation for web cams (invalid definition or usage of the "boundary" markers in the "multipart" data stream of the server).
  • Until now the "onmouseup" JavaScript event was delivered directly after the "onclick" event. Now the "onmouseup" event comes first.
  • Bugfix for the "favorites toolbar" where the "overflow button" overlaps the last item in the toolbar if a certain number of entries in the favorites were reached.
  • Small bugfix in calculating "line-height".
  • Added some workarounds for the new code of the nytimes page. The new code of the NYT page introduces tons of new bugs and errors in the HTML and CSS code.
  • Fixed a bug when "normalizing" text nodes in the HTML tree via JavaScript.
  • The special case where COLSPAN or ROWSPAN is set to "0" is now handled according to the web standards instead of following the wrong interpretation of IE or Safari.
  • Fixed a problem with the MARQUEE tag, which was shown with a too large width in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a small glitch when an element was positioned via "position: fixed".
  • Added a special workaround for web pages where almost all required end tags are missing and therefore the "HTML tree" was transformed to a "list" (which slows down the processing very much).
  • When CAPTION elements were hidden, the COL and COLGROUP elements which were defined directly after the hidden CAPTION elements were ignored. This is fixed now.
  • If JavaScript code closed a window and immediately opened it again within the same JavaScript call, the window was not opened.
  • In "Window" menu the window titles were not shown with all the Unicode characters.
  • In the Download Manager when download limit of 2GB or more was defined, iCab didn't download anything.
Posted by Thomas Much at 23:08
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