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Mon, Apr 10, 2006

InScript Release 188

The latest InScript release adds the complete set of Array and String generics as introduced by Mozilla in JavaScript 1.6. I've published a list of these generic functions last year.

The support for XMLHttpRequest - and thus the ability to create new documents - being a few months old already, I finally found some time to expose this functionality via the standard DOM function document.implementation.createDocument(), although support for doctypes is still missing. However, you can create HTML documents with createHTMLDocument(), which isn't part of the final standard (it was dropped from an earlier draft), but since some other browsers support it, too, it can be considered a de-facto standard.

One strange compatibility fix is included: The semicolon after do..while can be omitted completely now. I did not know this was allowed at all, since there is no line break after the statement and so automatic semicolon insertion (as defined by ECMAScript) will not work. Now there's a special treatment for scripts like this one:

var i = 0
do { i++ } while (i < 10) document.writeln(i)

This will print out 10 in most browsers (and now in iCab, too).

Posted by Thomas Much at 20:10
Categories: iCab & InScript