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Tue, Feb 14, 2006

InScript Release 187

InScript release 187 adds two important global constructors for AJAX applications: DOMParser and XMLSerializer (more on these two in a later post on using client-side AJAX). And XMLHttpRequest.send() can transfer nodes (including their children) or complete documents to the server now, too (not only strings).

Two minor fixes address compatibility problems with other browsers:

  • Regular expressions accept the special characters \, ], { and } as simple characters if they can have no other meaning (a syntax error according to ECMAScript, but accepted by Safari and Firefox).
  • The empty dummy routines HTMLElement.addBehavior and removeBehavior (MSIE) have been added.

Talking about "minor": window.ScriptEngineMinorVersion() returns 23 as of this release.

Posted by Thomas Much at 23:52
Categories: iCab & InScript