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Fri, Nov 11, 2005

iCab 3.0 Beta 368 at your Services

Two days ago iCab 3.0 Beta 368 was released to registered users. The two prominent new features are support of the System's "Services" menu and support of alternative stylesheets (you can switch between them in the "StyleSheets" submenu of the "View" menu).

Alexander mentions the following changes since beta 364:

  • Bugfix for "display: table-cell"; in some rare circumstances iCab did not create the missing table for such a table cell, if there's none defined by the StyleSheet.
  • Fixes a small ssue when activating alternative StyleSheets.
  • Small workaround for a bug of "classic" MacOS which mixes up the ATSUI colors and the Quickdraw colors when printing.
  • If JavaScript code did submit multiple forms on the same page at the same time and redirects the results in different frames/iframes, iCab did process all the form submits in the context of the original page and redirects the result afterwards to the frames. But beause only one form can be submitted this way (other form submits would overwrite the first or would not happen at all). Now iCab will process the submits in the context of the frames/iframes where the results should be send to. This way the submits can't overwrite each other anymore.
  • Workaround implemented for the Windows Media Player Plugin, which could not be recognized as "bundle" or "plugin" file.
  • The "Services" menu is now supported.
  • The JavaScript statement getElementsByTagName('html') didn't return the HTML element.
  • When typing in some text the mouse cursor is hidden now.
  • TIFF images with alpha channel but where certain information tags were missing could crash iCab before.
  • Bugfix for "hover" effects with "small-caps" text.
  • The "click()" function of JavaScript did also set the focus to the "clicked" element. But some web sites don't woirk anymore if this happens.
  • When clicking links with a "fragement identifier" (#xyz), which link to another location within the same site, iCab did not add the new fragment identifier to the URL of the location toolbar.
  • If iCab was configured to confirm each "quit" command and the user tried to quit directly from within the kiosk mode, but canceled the quit command from there, iCab did not leave the kiosk mode correctly and most parts of the menu bar was disabled afterwards.
  • iCab now supports alternative StyleSheets which are defined on web sites. You can select an alternative StyleSheet in the submenu "StyleSheet" of the "View" menu (where you can also select one of your own user defined stylesheet, if you've added some in the "StyleSheet" preferences). Most web sites don't provide any alternative StyleSheets, but some do.
  • Bugfix: Accessing attributes of element nodes which were created with XMLHttpRequest() (via JavaScript) sometimes only returned empty strings.
  • Bugfix for the BUTTON element. Sometimes a click on the button element was delivered to its content so the element could not process the click itself.
  • Bugfix: Accessing attributes of element nodes which were created with XMLHttpRequest() (via JavaScript) could cause a crash.
  • iCab could not display the source code of RSS feeds in its own source code window.
  • iCab now also supports "Content-Encoding: gzip". This is important for servers which send compressed data even if the browser doesn't allow this.
Posted by Thomas Much at 22:58
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