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Mon, Oct 24, 2005

iCab 3.0 Beta 364 aka "iCab RSS"

iCab's latest beta version features a small built-in RSS reader. It's not meant to be a replacement for fully grown RSS readers (yet ;-), but it's helpful to display RSS feeds quickly in iCab without the need to start an external program. The reader simply is a single HTML document with embedded CSS and JavaScript code that retrieves the feed's data via XMLHttpRequest and does some DOM/XML processing with it. Both the reader source code (yes, you can write your own, improved reader!) and iCab Beta 364 are available to registered users.

And, as always, Alexander's list of bug fixes and new features:

  • There's now a small "RSS Feed" reader build in. When opening RSS Feeds in iCab (either directly by clicking on a RSS link or by selecting an item from the RSS popup of the status bar while holding down the Shift, Option or Command key), iCab will load the RSS Feed and then will translate it into HTML code and display the result. So RSS Feeds can be now displayed in iCab as well.
    Selecting a RSS Feed from the RSS Popup without pressing any keys will open the RSS Feed as usualy in the default RSS Reader that is configured in the system. When you hold down the Shift, Option or Command key iCab will display the Feed itself and will use the usual shortcuts to decide if the feed will be displayed in the foreground or background and in a window or a tab.
  • New option "Ignoriere CSS value when required unit is missing" in the "compatibility" preferences. Some web pages are using invalid CSS rules like "width:100;" where the unit (for example "px" or "em" is missing) and expect that the Browser expects "px" in this case. The web standards expect that these invalid rules must be ignored. Some web pages do use the invalid definition and expect that the browser ignores these rules. So it's now possible to configure iCab in which way this is interpreted.
  • Fixe some bugs when processing StyleSheets.
  • When printing web pages with lots of IFRAME elements iCab could crash.
  • The "Same Origin" policy was to strict, so a page that was generated by a "javascript:" URL was not able to modify sub pages of it's own "parent" document.
  • Workaround for a bug of the MacOS: When activating Unicode text edit field at a certain time, the MacOS never draws its content. Though entering text works fine, nothing is visible.
  • The workaround for SSL connections from Beta 356 had still some problems with HTTP redirections.
  • Small modification to make iCab more compatible to Firefox when displaying non-repeated background images in inline elements which is explicitely not defined in the CSS specification.
  • When javaScript code modified the padding of elements via JavaScript, the document was not layouted again.
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