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Thu, Oct 13, 2005

iCab 3.0 Beta 358

Registered iCab users can check for an update via the Help menu and should get the download page for beta version 358. It includes InScript release 183. Here's what Alexander writes about bug fixes and new features:

  • If multiple elements with the overflow property set to a different value than "visible" were nested, the clipping of the inner element could be wrong.
  • Local files with longer Japanese names could not be opened because the buffer to encode the file names was too small.
  • Numeric HTML entities out of the 32Bit "supplementary" section of the Unicode range did not work correctly.
  • If a web page includes the same external StyleSheet multiple times, iCab will now load it only once.
  • iCab could crash if JavaScript code replaces its own web page with new HTML code and afterwards tried to access the old code.
  • Workaround for broken web servers which are using invalid date formats for "Cookies".
  • When cloning HTML elements via JavaScript iCab did not copy all of the CSS properties as well, which were modified via JavaScript.
  • Changing the "readonly" state of INPUT fields via JavaScript did not work because the MacOS doesn't allow to change this state. So now iCab will delete the old field and creates a new one with the new state, it needed.
  • When changing the MEDIA attribute of StyleSheets via JavaScript, iCab did not process the document again according to the new StyleSheet settings.
  • When uploading files through HTML forms, iCab did not provide the correct "Content-Type" information for all file types.
  • Some bugfixes to fix layout issues of some web pages.

With these fixes, the Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System (S5) now works correctly :-) (you'll find an example here). And the day numbers in this blog's calendar are aligned properly.

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