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Wed, Dec 20, 2006

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 436

While I was blogging today's earlier entry, Alexander released another iCab beta version. It contains some bug fixes, and the session icons which were missing for some releases are back.

Posted by Thomas Much at 21:45
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iCab 3.0.3 Beta 435 - Crash Safe

Last Saturday's iCab beta version implements two important features: First, if automatic session saving is enabled, iCab will save the session whenever a page has finished loading, i.e. if iCab crashes (as unfortunately most software does from time to time) you're now able to restore all your open documents (windows and tabs). Second, plugins now have access to JavaScript, although the access is limited at the moment.

And as always, here's Alexander's list of other improvements:

  • Small modification of calculating the name of a certificate in the Certificates manager implemented. This should help to identify certificates whose name field did only contain an URL instead of a meaningful name.
  • The keyboard shortcut for "Save Session" was missing in the last release.
  • The Download Manager has sent the "if-modified-since" HTTP header when the user tried to resume a doanlod but the server does not support "resume" for downloads. With this header the server might have responded with the code 304 (not modified) and the download didn't start at all. this is corrected now.
  • There's a small modification of a workaround which handles invalid usage of TABEL tags.
  • In the "Classic" version of iCab resuming downloads didn't work correct.
Posted by Thomas Much at 15:43
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Mon, Dec 04, 2006

ppk on iCab

Book Cover Peter-Paul Koch wrote a book on JavaScript that was published some weeks ago. It's good reading about developing compatible and standards-compliant JavaScript-based web applications that target different browsers.

Happily, it's one of the few JavaScript books that mention iCab. There's even a screenshot of iCab's "Identity" preferences in the section about browser detection (this section explains why browser sniffing never did and never will work correctly).

Posted by Thomas Much at 11:32
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Sun, Dec 03, 2006

iCab 3.0.3 Beta 433 - Certified

The latest iCab beta version (released today, on the first Sunday of Advent, to registered users) now has a certificate manager (in the "Tools" menu) and offers information about the certificates of a certain site if you click on the "key" icon in the status bar. Some other enhancements, according to the release history:

  • In the "files of web page" window iCab will now also show the charset information for local files if provided in the file name extension.
  • The Session menu items are now provided in a submenu of the "file" menu
  • Fixed a crash which occured if Javascript code deleted a HTML node first before it deleted an attribute node that belongs to the HTML node that was deleted before.
Posted by Thomas Much at 19:54
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